Occupational Safety and Health Department aims to assist clients to provide a safe system or work and working environment. This is achieved by conducting worksite inspections, regular worksite visits and assisting clients to develop policies, procedures and safe work practices, where required.


We firmly believe that the health and safety of our workforce is of a primary importance to the successful conduct of business activities. Flexi Staff is commitmented to conduct its operations in a manner that will not cause people to be harmed, nor place their health at risk. Flexi Staff achieves this by working closely with both its clients and candidates.


Flexi Staff ensures the safety of our candidates is maintained by carefully matching candidate’s skills with the job requirements and conducting safety inductions and training prior to placement on any site. Flexi Staff recognises its legal and moral responsibility to provide a safe working environment, safe systems of work and competent supervision of all employees.

Injury Management

Flexi Staff is committed to assisting injured workers return to work when medically appropriate. This is achieved by:

Providing a structured systematic approach to injury management for workers following a work related injury or illness.

Developing and encouraging workers, as a matter of normal practice, to return to work or alternative work as soon as medically practicable following a work related injury or illness as successful injury management is reliant on the active participation and cooperation of the injured worker.

Managing a safe and medically appropriate return to meaningful and productive work, at the earliest possible opportunity.

Ensuring that the injured workers are treated with fairness and dignity during the injury management process.

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