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How FlexiStaff are paving the way in On-site Drug and Alcohol testing

Drug and alcohol abuse compromises the working environment and places everyone’s safety at risk. That’s why we introduced on-site drug and alcohol testing to ensure we protect the health of employee’s and clients. FlexiStaff performed 160 on-site drug and alcohol tests in the past year as part of our guarantee to ensure we provide clients […]
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Not accepting shorts/board shorts as workwear

ATTENTION TO ALL INDUSTRIAL WORKERS We wish to inform all employees that we no longer accept the wearing of shorts/board shorts as workwear in industrial placements. We would prefer that all Industrial candidates present to work in long drill trousers for their own protection and safety. Just a few reasons why trousers make sense in […]
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Attention Outdoor Workers!

It’s going to be a hot summer! Are you prepared? To minimise your risk of sustaining an injury associated with Heat Stress Drink lots of Fluids and ensure access to water, carry a portable supply with vehicles or with you to site. Take frequent breaks in the shade or cooler places. Apply Sunscreen. Wear PPE […]
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Notice to stay in touch

OUR COMMUNICATION FUNDAMENTALS We require candidates to contact us for any of the following: Availability – What days suit your roster, when can you work? If you are late, or cannot do the shift that you have been assigned If your job description/duties change whilst on assignment as It could impact your safety and rate […]
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Lifting Heavy Objects

Attention Heavy Lifting Workers! PLEASE REMEMBER WHEN LIFTING HEAVY OBJECTS TO HANDLE IN THE CORRECT MANNER TO AVOID INJURY RECOMMENDATIONS To minimise your risk of sustaining an injury associated with manual handling: ALWAYS use the equipment provided. ALWAYS follow safe work procedures outlined by the employer. ALWAYS assess the environment prior to per forming any manual […]
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