How FlexiStaff are paving the way in On-site Drug and Alcohol testing

How FlexiStaff are paving the way in On-site Drug and Alcohol testing

Drug and alcohol abuse compromises the working environment and places everyone’s safety at risk. That’s why we introduced on-site drug and alcohol testing to ensure we protect the health of employee’s and clients.

FlexiStaff performed 160 on-site drug and alcohol tests in the past year as part of our guarantee to ensure we provide clients with the best candidates.

Implementing on-site drug and alcohol testing has several benefits to clients including:

  • Enhancing the overall job safety in your organisation and promoting healthier lifestyles amongst the work environment.
  • Increasing productivity and reducing instances of abuse among employees.
  • Reducing liability costs that can be caused by higher medical costs and further reducing company compensation claims.
  • A stable workforce, and a reduction in absenteeism caused by drug and alcohol abuse.

FlexiStaff conducts random drug and alcohol screening for all employees on application, as well as on-site screening for our clients. Our screening process is in alignment with the Australian Standard AS308:2008, which ensures that our staff conducting the screening have completed a nationally accredited course in drug screen collection.

FlexiStaff is further training an additional six staff in sample screening and collection in February to continue to support our clients and employees.

To ensure we lead the way with on-site drug and alcohol testing, FlexiStaff only uses quality sample kits by brands such as Microscreen and Alcolizer Tech Breath Analysis. These allow us to test for Cocaine, Amphetamine, Methamphetamine (such as Ice), Morphine (such as Opiates), Benzophines as well as Cannabis.

With the new collection procedure, it is mandatory for the samples to be split, providing a referee sample in case any retesting is required or in the case of a dispute of results. We also perform an on-site creatinine test to check the dilute nature of urine before sending it off for testing.

Due to the rise in methamphetamine use in the community, some changes have been made to the Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry cut-offs. Each benzodiazepine reacts differently in the immunoassay testing so the GCMS cut-offs were lowered to ensure the chance of not confirming a benzodiazepine immunoassay screen are now less. These steps ensure our guarantee of securing the best candidates for our clients.

For further information regarding the drug and alcohol screening and testing please do not hesitate to contact Mark Twiss, FlexiStaff’s OSH Manager on 0417 928 784 or contact us online.

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