FlexiStaff offers recruitment solutions in eight of Australia’s biggest industries, and fills the hundreds of roles associated with each sector. Our talent pool is a large and varied one, bringing together people with skills and experience across key sectors, be it trade-based jobs, white collar positions, or professional roles. The one thing that all of our people have in common is their ability to fit into your organisation as an asset rather than just as an employee. FlexiStaff makes this happen through an exacting process of talent identification and selection which means we present only the best people to fill permanent, temporary or contract vacancies in these major industries:

Industrial Services specialists in trades-based roles, machinery operation and transport
Hospitality Services employees available for all shifts in every hospitality role
Healthcare Services permanent, locum and temporary medical and allied health staff
Government Services employees for government departments and local councils
Professional Services highly-qualified candidates for all fields in the professional sector
Mining Services workers in all facets of the industry, from office to coal face
Corporate Services Australia’s best white-collar talent
Construction Services professionals filling all roles in an expanding sector

FlexiStaff has industry experts working in every sector. Because we have a deep understanding of each industry, FlexiStaff has an instinct for identifying excellent candidates, which is backed up by a proven selection methodology and highly-refined interview process. Our profound knowledge of each industry is matched by the number of connections we have in each sector. This network has proved to be a rich source of personnel in the past, so we’re regularly in touch with our contacts to help us find the best people before others do. There is strong competition for talent in today’s employment market, so it is vital that we stay out in front by maintaining great relationships with our contacts, being proactive, and working harder than any other company.

By delivering the right people at the right time, FlexiStaff can help your organisation stay on track and meet your targets, but we’re determined to do more than fill the gaps in your workforce. Our employees aren’t there to just make up the numbers. They have to make a positive contribution to your organisation, and they’re expected to follow the guidelines and rules set out in our company policies. These include:

  • Code of Conduct
  • Dress Code
  • Digital Media
  • Drug and Alcohol
  • Injury
  • Occupational Safety and Health
  • Fitness for Work


If you’re looking for the best people in industrial and non-industrial sectors, you’re in the right place. FlexiStaff already has those people on board, and they’re available right now. They’ll bring the qualifications you require, and the impressive work history you insist on. Our set of policies and guidelines means they’ll make an ongoing contribution based on safety, respectful conduct, and the ability to represent your organisation at the very highest level. Not just good workers, but good people. That’s what FlexiStaff delivers in every key industry.


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