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As Australia’s construction sector grows, so does the demand for workers in that industry. FlexiStaff can meet that demand. Our recruitment specialists have assembled a large database of construction professionals, with our extensive network of contacts and sources identifying and attracting even more to our talent pool on a regular basis. As a result, we can quickly fill permanent, contract or temporary positions across all branches of the construction sector, including:


FlexiStaff’s comprehensive selection process allows us to present the most skilled candidates in each division of the construction sector. We also place high value on character and the personal qualities that are essential in helping you stay on time, and on budget. With this in mind, FlexiStaff considers reliability, punctuality and a strong work ethic to be just as important as raw talent. To help us provide you with the right people, we use a rigorous assessment and interview process that allows us to handpick candidates that share your passion to meet the highest standards on every project.

This is reinforced by our Code of Conduct, which provides an ethical framework for decisions, actions and behaviours, and outlines the principles of conduct expected from all of our employees. Some of the key areas covered by our Code of Conduct include:

  • Fairness and equity: be fair and equable with all others, and treat colleagues with respect, courtesy, and honesty.
  • Confidentiality and privacy: uphold confidentiality and privacy of company information
  • Respect and laws: Act in accordance with all legal, statutory and government requirements and adhere to policies, practices and procedures of the company.
  • Safe working environment: Employees/Contractors and Stakeholders have a duty of care of their own safety and health and of others that maybe affected by their actions. They must contribute to a harmonious, safe and productive environment and culture.
  • Use of resources: Act in a responsible manner applying diligence when utilising resources, materials, office facilities and equipment.

Ask FlexiStaff to go through this Code of Conduct with you in depth, as well as our other policies including Drugs & Alcohol, Occupational Safety & Health, and Fitness for Work. You’ll see how much value we place on providing people who will bring outstanding personal qualities as well as professional skills to your project.

With record investment in infrastructure, and public and private construction at an unprecedented level, the call for skilled professionals to work in the sector is at an all-time high. FlexiStaff has always been at the forefront when it comes to helping employers fill vacancies, and we’re taking the lead again in meeting growing demand in the construction sector. We’re working harder than ever to identify the very best construction professionals, and add them to our talent pool. They’re available on a permanent, temporary or contract basis, but these outstanding candidates are already drawing the attention of other companies. To keep your project on track, contact FlexiStaff today and we’ll provide good people who are great at what they do.

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