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Many of the best performers in the corporate world have been recruited through FlexiStaff. We’ve long had a reputation for providing outstanding white-collar talent to Australia’s biggest companies, and that’s why employers immediately come to FlexiStaff when they need to bring new stars on board. Finding the right people is based on several factors, including our deep knowledge of the corporate sector and knowing the type of people who will succeed in it; the exhaustive interview and selection processes we employ; the contacts and networks we’ve developed to alert us to up and coming talent. As a result, we’ll always have the people you need to work across all aspects of the corporate sector, and in any number of roles, including:

  • Accounting and Finance: Chief Financial Officer, Finance Manager, Commercial Manager, Payroll Manager, Accountant, Payroll Officer, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable roles and more
  • Sales: Sales Director, Senior Account Manager, Sales Manager, Key Account Manager, Business Development Manager, Account Manager, Account Executive, Sales Coordinator roles and more
  • Business Support: Executive Assistant, Personal Assistant, Office Manager, Project Coordinator, Events Coordinator, Sales Support, Office Administrator roles and more
  • Contact Centre: Contact Centre Manager, Contact Centre Team Leader, Telephone Account Manager, Collections Officer, Customer Service Representative roles and more
  • Marketing: Marketing Manager, Brand Manager, Marketing Coordinator roles and more
  • Human Resources: Human Resources Manager, Change Manager, Training Manager, Learning and Development Manager, Recruitment Manager, Human Resources Advisor, Recruitment Coordinator roles and more

FlexiStaff goes to great lengths to look beyond a candidate’s CV. While professional competencies are undoubtedly important, we’re also keenly interested in the personal qualities each candidate will bring to your corporation. We see ourselves as partners in helping you meet your targets and goals, so a cultural fit is just as important as a skills match. Flexi Staff’s psychometric assessment service is an effective way to measure a candidate’s all-round suitability, and an accurate guide to judging their potential to make a positive contribution to a corporation’s culture. This form of assessment can also be applied to measuring team effectiveness within a company, so we recommend it as highly useful tool during, and beyond, the recruitment process.

The exhaustive selection interview and assessment processes we employ are also key factors in helping us determine whether a candidate will fit in at all levels and contribute to your overall success. This is something we take very seriously, and policies such as our Quality Management Programme, make that evident. When FlexiStaff presents you with candidates to fill any role in the corporate sector, you can rest assured they’ve been selected with more than qualifications in mind.

FlexiStaff has outstanding individuals in our talent pool right now, but their skills and personal qualities have already been noticed by others. Don’t miss out on employing the very best people on a permanent, temporary or contract basis. Contact FlexiStaff today and discover why we have a reputation for providing the brightest stars in the corporate world.

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