Healthcare Recruitment

Effective recruitment in the health sector depends on consultants who appreciate the complex nature of your requirements. FlexiStaff understands your needs are multi-layered, with factors like rostering, administration, and licensing all coming into the equation as we seek to match the right people to the prerequisites of the role. As a result of this knowledge, and our ability to see the bigger picture in all its complexity, FlexiStaff can present you with candidates who meet your needs in all respects, and in every field of the health sector, including:

Skill shortages in the health sector are well documented, particularly in rural and regional areas and this obviously represents another challenge in attracting and retaining the right staff. To counter this, FlexiStaff casts our net far and wide to bring health professionals to where they’re needed most. This involves the smart use of technology to connect with potential recruits, and developing and maintaining a strong network of contacts and sources within the sector. Nothing replaces old fashioned ground work, and FlexiStaff always has recruitment experts on the road to connect with candidates and bring them on board. Whatever it takes to fill the staffing gaps in the healthcare sector is whatever we’ll do. No company works harder than FlexiStaff to meet the need for health professionals in every field of the sector, and in every location.

As the result of our hard work, and our innovation, FlexiStaff now manages a talent pool of healthcare professionals ready to take the next step in their careers, and keen to work with you to provide a continuity of care in your organisation. We can help you with time-efficient recruitment of permanent, locum and temporary medical and allied health staff: doctors working at every level and specialty, nurses in all disciplines and allied healthcare staff, including physiotherapy, radiotherapy, occupational therapy and pharmacy. Credentialing and background checking are carried out on every individual; this is a complete, step-by-step process which allows us to present candidates who are fully compliant.

Competition to find the most skilled healthcare professionals has always been intense. FlexiStaff leads the way in securing the services of the people you need the most. When you partner with FlexiStaff, we’ll constantly supply high quality personnel when and where you need them. Time is a critical factor in healthcare recruitment, and FlexiStaff manages this issue by having an established pool of professionals, with more joining us every day. As a result, staffing gaps are filled sooner so you can resume a full health service with minimal delay. By providing you with carefully selected candidates, your level of care is increased, and turnover is reduced.

The staffing solutions provided by FlexiStaff are good for everyone, from organisation to patient. When you need healthcare professionals, and you need them fast, in all fields and all locations, contact FlexiStaff first.

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