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FlexiStaff specialises in the supply of casual, temporary and permanent staff for the hospitality industry in its many and varied forms, from catering right through to aged care. As the people working in your hospitality-related organisation are usually the “face” of your business, we’ll help you choose the right face. In the hospitality industry, personality is just as important as skills, and temperament is as valued just as highly as talent. FlexiStaff takes all these things into consideration before we present you with quality candidates.

FlexiStaff provides recruitment solutions in all hospitality fields and some of the positions we have recently filled include:


FlexiStaff can supply great people to fill all these roles, and more. We have a special understanding of the hospitality industry because many of our recruitment consultants have actually worked in this sector. This gives us a unique insight into the demands the industry makes on its workers, and we seek out people who can handle everything their role throws at them. Composure, people-skills and self-management are prime examples of the qualities we look for, alongside relevant qualifications. Our connections with industry associations only deepens our understanding of what organisations are looking for in hospitality staff, and this is reflected in the calibre of the candidates we present you. They’re ready to work for you, and ready to provide outstanding service to your valued customers.

To ensure our people really are right for you, FlexiStaff has a formidable set of policies that all of our employees must follow. We make no apologies for putting such exacting frameworks in place; our employees must meet the highest standards, and we expect them to perform their duties in a way that reflects favourably on FlexiStaff as well as your organisation.

Many of the policies we have implemented are particularly relevant to the people we provide to the hospitality industry. For example, our Dress Code policy is very detailed and must be strictly adhered to. This is crucial in an industry where team members are the public face of your organisation. Other policies such as a Code of Conduct, Drug and Alcohol, and Occupational Safety and Health, allow us to present candidates who are aware of their obligations to our company, as well as to yours.

Roles in the hospitality industry are wide and varied, and so are the hours employees are expected to work. There’s no “9 to 5” in this sector, so we are flexible to suit your varied needs: from a short shift of four hours (minimum) to working a 38+ hour week. Plus, after 12 weeks continuous work, pending your approval, we can transfer our employees to you FREE of charge.

For all the right people to work all sorts of hours, contact FlexiStaff – specialists in the supply of casual, temporary and permanent staff for the hospitality industry.

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