Industrial Recruitment Services

FlexiStaff supplies casual, temporary and permanent staff for industrial trades and services right across the board. Industrial recruitment is perceived as complex and challenging area because of the wide range of roles, skills and qualifications associated with the sector; as industrial recruitment specialists, FlexiStaff will simplify and demystify the process, leaving you with the straightforward task of employing the highest quality candidates.

To give you an example of how wide and varied the industrial sector is, here are just some of the positions we have recently filled:

FlexiStaff can find qualified people to fill all these roles and many more. Not just people with the right skills, but with the temperament and personality that will best fit in with the culture of your organisation. To help us achieve this, we learn more about your business by being on the ground with you, and not dealing with you from the comfort of our office. Knowing what makes your business tick, and the sort of people you need, will help us take a more targeted approach based on your individual requirements. You’ll see the benefits of our selection methodology when candidates are presented to you. They’ll meet your requirements in every respect, from personality to qualifications, and you’ll instantly see how well they’ll fit into your organisation.

Many of the roles we fill in the industrial field involve the operation of machinery and vehicles, or place staff in positions where risk management is essential. FlexiStaff has a wide range of policies in place that require our candidates perform their duties to the highest standards, with safety a very significant part of this expectation. Our Occupational Safety and Health policy details our commitment to promoting workplace safety among our employees, while our OHS service helps companies comply with their legal obligations to create a safe workplace. All this is reflected in the safety-first attitude of every FlexiStaff employee working in the industrial sector.

Many of the vacancies in the industrial field need to be filled quickly, and FlexiStaff has a database of qualified personnel who can start at very short notice. Our casual, temporary or permanent staff undergo a comprehensive interview and assessment prior to placement, so you can be sure they are job ready. From a short shift of four hours (minimum) to working a 38+ hour week, we are flexible to suit your varied needs. After 12 weeks continuous work pending your approval, we can transfer our employees to you FREE of charge.

In the complex world of industrial recruitment, FlexiStaff stands out as the simple solution to your staffing requirements. We’ll take care of everything, so let us know what you need and we’ll come back to you with the right person. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

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