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Local Government Recruitment

For the last 30 years, FlexiStaff has been heavily involved in supplying labour hire to government departments and local councils. We’ve filled roles at all levels, and in all situations, from inside the office to outside in the field. During this long and fruitful association, we have built strong relationships based on integrity, honesty and personalised service, which has seen us become a Preferred Supplier to The WA Local Government Association (WALGA). As the peak industry body for local government in Western Australia, WALGA advocates on behalf of 138 WA Local Governments and negotiates service agreements for the sector, which underlines the importance of our role as a labour supplier.

As our record of service indicates, FlexiStaff can be trusted to select outstanding candidates to fill important roles in all government sectors which include;

  • Parks and Gardens Operations
  • Fleet, Waste and Works Operations
  • Corporate and Governance Services
  • Planning and Regulatory Services
  • Engineering and Infrastructure Services

People expect their council or local governing body to provide the services, facilities and infrastructure they rely on to maintain their way of life. FlexiStaff plays a big part in managing this expectation by providing staff who can best provide these services, or operate and maintain the facilities and infrastructure that are part of every community. It’s a major responsibility, and our attention to detail during the selection process is microscopic. Our talent pool might be large but not every candidate will perfectly match up against the core competencies and other key selection criteria employers are looking for. Close enough is not good enough, and FlexiStaff prefers to provide a curated line up of candidates who perfectly meet every requirement rather than a large number of potential employees who don’t provide a complete staffing solution.

Our candidates are available for permanent, temporary or contract positions, and we’re ideally placed to manage government sourcing campaigns, or to fill one specialist role where required. FlexiStaff pays special attention to candidates who are adaptable, as change is a constant within government departments and councils, with new laws and regulations regularly coming into effect and transforming the nature and scope of a role as a result. FlexiStaff obviously sources candidates already working within government and council departments, but we’re always prepared to expand our search and look further afield if it means we find people who have expertise in specialised areas such as these:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Business Support and Call Centre
  • Engineering and Technical
  • Health
  • Human Resources
  • Infrastructure & Rail
  • IT
  • Marketing

FlexiStaff has been supplying labour hire to government departments and local councils for so long that we’re considered to be specialists. While we’re proud of our history, we are always looking forward. We keep a close eye on the future, and the trends and technology that will affect recruitment in this particular sector. By sticking with the selection methodology that has served us so well, and refining it to stay current in the modern labour market, we’ll continue to be preferred labour suppliers to government at all levels for many years to come.

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