Mining Recruitment

The mining sector continues to make an enormous contribution to the Australian economy, but this industry, perhaps more than any other, depends on people power to ensure a regular and lucrative supply of mineral resources. You can rely on FlexiStaff to provide the people that are so crucial to the mining industry’s ongoing success. We have skilled and motivated individuals with expertise and experience in every aspect of the industry. Every role, every location. Management offices to the coal face. On-site residential to FIFO. FlexiStaff offers a labour hire service as varied as the industry itself, with our mining recruitment services bringing you the best people in the following fields of specialisation:

FlexiStaff has a dedicated mining recruitment team; these people are specialists in human resource management and in the industry itself. Bring together all this expertise and experience, and you have a team that is aware of all the current issues in the mining sector, particularly ones that impact on staff recruitment and retention. FlexiStaff uses this information to provide customised HR solutions to meet your individual needs. For example, as work volume requirements can change very quickly in this industry, we have qualified mining personnel available at very short notice to ensure production disruptions are kept to a bare minimum. Keeping the changeable nature of the industry in mind, we can also supply skilled professionals on a contract, project, or permanent basis depending on your requirements at any given moment. Simply let us know who you need, and the role you want them to fill, and FlexiStaff will deliver.

Safety has to be the first priority on any mining site, and FlexiStaff shares your concern for the welfare and well-being of every employee. The personnel we provide operate under our detailed Occupational Safety and Health policy, and they’re well aware of the need to adhere to any of the individual safety policies you have in place. Our commitment to maintaining a strong safety culture in every sector we recruit for, particularly the mining industry, has seen us partner with companies to manage their workplace safety and help them become compliant as part of their legal obligations. You have enough to manage as part of your everyday mining operation, so FlexiStaff will work with you to oversee your workplace safety and bring increased safety and total compliance to your place of work.

Because of our far-reaching knowledge of the industry, and a network of contacts that’s just as wide, FlexiStaff can find, assess and select skilled personnel to join your workforce and provide the human energy you need to keep your project moving. Without the right people, the efficiency and profitability of your mining is compromised. Why compromise? FlexiStaff never settles for second best where Australia’s mining industry is concerned, and your project will be no exception.

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