Professional Recruitment

When you’re searching for high calibre professional employees, FlexiStaff is the first place to look. People working in this sector are always in demand, and an old-fashioned recruitment approach is too slow and cumbersome to catch the best professional talent in a fast-moving labour marketplace. FlexiStaff is the smart way to attract the brightest minds. Our proactive talent identification, market intelligence, innovative technology and a network of contacts throughout the industry have seen us assemble a pool of motivated professionals who are keen to advance their careers in the following areas:

FlexiStaff is the trusted link between professionals and organisations, simply because companies know we’ll deliver well-rounded candidates who will make a positive contribution in all respects. To help us find people who possess a complete range of skills and personal qualities, we take other factors into consideration, not just professional qualifications – although these are rigorously checked and credentials.

At FlexiStaff, we like to know what motivates and inspires an individual, and get an idea of their temperament and attitude. Psychometric assessment is a very useful tool in this regard, but our existing selection and interview processes are also invaluable in helping us judge personal qualities as well as professional ones. Because we take a 360-degree approach when evaluating a candidate, we see far more than just their qualifications. We see every aspect of their personality, and we envisage how it will fit into your organisation.

For us to deliver the right person for the right job, FlexiStaff will work with you as a partner rather than just as a labour supplier. We’ll take the guesswork out of the process by getting to know you personally. We’ll gain a better understanding of your organisation, and the sort of person who would best fit in with the company culture you wish to create. Our recruitment consultants gain this understanding by getting out of the office and onto the road. They’ll come to you and ask you about your individual requirements instead of relying on reports from second-hand sources, or using a template-style approach that can be applied to all companies. By understanding your requirements, as well as understanding what makes our candidates tick, we can make the perfect match. Many of the professional people we have placed have become long term and valued members of the organisation they work for – that’s because FlexiStaff managed the selection process perfectly from Day One.

For the best candidates in the professional sector, you’ve come to the best place. FlexiStaff is the smart way to employ bright people. In a highly competitive labour marketplace, where professional skills are in increasing demand, we’ve been fast to identify great candidates and place them in our talent pool. They’re highly qualified, and well thought of.

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