Digital Media Policy

Email/Internet & Social Media Policy

FLEXISTAFF PTY LTD’s employees, contractors and/or stakeholders (Users) that are allocated a computer or access to a computer on FlexiStaffs network are expected to adhere to this policy.

The email and Internet system is the property of the company, any messages composed sent or received on the email or internet system are, and will remain, company property. The company reserves the right to review, audit, intercept, access and disclose all messages created, received or sent via the company’s email system and electronic devices.


The company’s email and Internet system is to be used for business related purposes only. Personal use of email and internet system may be permitted during lunch breaks and before/after hours. The computer network remains the property of FlexiStaff and as such management reserves the right to access User accounts without prior consent. FlexiStaff provides no warranty or assurance about the confidentiality or privacy of any user disclosed in the course of using the computer network for personal purposes.


You may not use the system to send, upload, download or access any email or material on FlexiStaffs network that is:

A. Obscene, offensive or inappropriate. This includes but is not limited to texts, sounds or images. Examples of such material may include material of a sexual nature, indecent or pornographic.
B. Has the potential to cause insult, offence or humiliation.
C. Defamatory material or material that could adversely affect FlexiStaffs image.
D. Is illegal, unlawful or inappropriate.

Users must not use FlexiStaffs network to

A. violate copyright or intellectual property rights,
B. in a way that violates FlexiStaffs privacy policy
C. install software or run software that has not been approved by FlexiStaff
D. for personal business gain.

FlexiStaff reserve the right to block email or internet access to prevent the delivery of an email or access to an internet site if the content is deemed inappropriate.

If you receive inappropriate material, such as that outlined above, do not forward it to others and immediately delete it from the system.

E-mail or Internet system shall not be used to:

  • Solicit or endorse any non-job-related commercial ventures, outside organisations, or religious and/or political causes;
  • Send chain mail;
  • Store or transmit information of a sensitive, confidential or personal nature;
  • Send information to any media outlet – newspaper, TV, radio – without managerial authorisation or;
  • Send, store or download offensive or defamatory material

To maintain professional documentation, all e-mails should be checked for spelling and grammatical errors and should contain the company approved signature.


Information, software and other materials protected by copyright laws must not be copied or transmitted. Violation of this policy may result in disciplinary action and/or penalties.


FlexiStaff Pty Ltd accepts the rights of employees, contractors and stakeholders (Users) to contribute content on websites that are not operated by FlexiStaff, such as social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, Flickr and You Tube. However, inappropriate use of such websites has the potential to cause damage to FlexiStaff and their employees, clients and suppliers. For that reason the following provisions apply to all Users:

  • You cannot use employer owed equipment, including computer‘s or other electronic equipment (i.e. Smart Phones) to conduct personal communication on Social Media platforms such as Facebook; Twitter; LinkedIn and forums.
  • FlexiStaff Users must except with express authorisation from management not publish any material that identifies themselves as being associated with FlexiStaff
  • You cannot harass, threaten, discriminate or disparage against employees or anyone associated with doing business with the company.
  • You cannot post the name, trademark or logo of the company, or any company privileged and copyrighted information or company documents.
  • You cannot post photographs of other employees, clients, vendors, suppliers or company services, nor can employees and/or contractors post photographs of persons engaged in the company’s business without prior approval from Management.
  • You are to contact Management immediately if contacted by media about any post that relates to the company or client’s business. We request and strongly urge employees and/or contractors to report any violations or perceived violations.
  • At all times Users engaged in the use of social media must make sure their use is consistent with all FlexiStaff policies.
  • Employees and/or contractors are cautioned that they should have no expectation of privacy while using the internet. Everything online is traceable and never anonymous.

Users are not permitted to use forms of social media during business hours or any time on company’s computers or company supplied devices.


FlexiStaff Pty Ltd investigates and responds to all reports of violations of the Email/Internet & Social Media policy and guidelines. Violation of the policy will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment. FlexiStaff Pty Ltd reserves the right to take legal action where necessary against employees, contractors and/or stakeholders who engage in prohibited or unlawful conduct.

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