Fatigue Policy

FLEXISTAFF PTY LTD is committed to the health and safety of all employees including reducing the exposure of individuals to fatigue. We recognise that fatigue may affect aspects of an individual’s life including their home, work and social lives.

This commitment is achieved through:

• Complying with relevant legislative requirements, codes, standards and guidelines;
• Ensuring all individuals undertaking work are fit to undertake the designated tasks; and
• Clearly defining roles and responsibilities managing workplace fatigue and extended work hours.


• Responsible for the effective implementation of the company Fatigue Policy;
• Implementing controls and guidelines to assist in reducing exposure to workplace fatigue;
• Ensuring employees are trained and have the skills required to assist them in assessing levels of fatigue and to implement procedures to manage their fatigue;
• Consulting with clients regarding extended working hours; and
• Ensuring work is structured to allow enough time for quality sleep between shifts.


• Present for work in a state that does not limit their ability to meet their position requirements and complies with this policy;
• Advise at any time whilst performing work if they believe that they are unfit to continue for any reason.

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