Fitness for Work Policy

FLEXISTAFF PTY LTD is committed to the requirement that all employees and contractors present for work in a state (physical, mental and emotional) which enables them to perform their assigned tasks competently and in a manner which does not threaten the safety or health of themselves or others. A person’s capacity to perform assigned tasks competently may be limited as a result of the consumption of alcohol, the effect of drugs (prescription, pharmaceutical or illicit), fatigue and stress.

This commitment is achieved through:

  • Complying with relevant legislative requirements, codes, standards and guidelines;
  • Ensuring all individuals undertaking work are fit to undertake the designated tasks;
  • Clearly defining roles and responsibilities for managing fitness for work; and
  • Clearly defining management and disciplinary procedures related to fitness for work.
  • Provide all employees with necessary information and training so that issues associated with fitness for work include fatigue, stress, medical conditions and the misuse of drugs and alcohol, can be managed effectively;
  • Ensure that employees who are found to be unfit for work are managed in a fair and effective manner; and
  • Comply with client fit for work policies which may include pre-engagement medicals and random drug and alcohol testing.
  • Report situations where fellow work colleagues may not be fit for work;
  • Maintain a level of personal fitness required to meet the requirements of their position;
  • Present for work in a state that does not limit their ability to meet their position requirements and complies with this policy;
  • Advise before commencing work of any factor that may influence their fitness for work;
  • Ensure that FlexiStaff is advised if they are taking any prescription drug or pharmaceutical product that contains any of the following warnings:
  • The product may cause drowsiness
  • Caution should be exercised in the operation of machinery or equipment
  • Any other precautionary measures
  • Advise at any time whilst performing work if they believe that they are unfit to continue for any reason

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