Grievance Resolution Policy

FLEXISTAFF PTY LTD supports the right their employees have to lodge an individual grievance with their Manager or with the Human Resources Department. Employees have the right to lodge a grievance if they feel a decision, behaviour or action that affects their employment is unfair or inappropriate.

FlexiStaff aims to provide all employees with access to the process outlined below to enable a resolution of a personal grievance in the work place. FlexiStaff understands the impact on employees who feel they have been unfairly treated. All grievances will be treated in a supportive, fair and impartial manner.

Grievances should be actioned discreetly and will be dealt with promptly.


A grievance is any concern or complaint that an employee has in relation to their work processes or environment.

FlexiStaff encourages all employees to be aware of and try to resolve workplace grievances. An employee can seek assistance from an external statutory body such as the Fairwork Commission, Worksafe or the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission. It is important that when lodging a complaint with an external agency that the employee can demonstrate the matter was not able to be adequately resolved through FlexiStaff’s processes.

The following procedure will apply in regard to any individual grievance;

1. If appropriate an employee will attempt to resolve the issue directly with the person/s involved. If the employee does not feel comfortable dealing with the person/s they should report the grievance to their Manager/Supervisor, Human Resource Department or Grievance Officer.
2. Once a grievance has been reported a meeting with the employee will be held to obtain all relevant information relating to the grievance.
3. The Supervisor/Manager may ask the employee to put the complaint in writing. Where this is the case the complaint should outline all relevant detail that will assist in resolving the matter.

Employees are required to keep all matters relating to the grievance confidential to the parties directly involved. FlexiStaff will so far as practical maintain the privacy of the complaint.


The actions deemed appropriate will vary on a case by case basis. Possible actions may include but are not limited to:

  • The Supervisor/Manager discussing the issue with the person the complaint is made against
  • The Supervisor/Manager arranging a meeting between the parties to assist in resolving the issue

If these steps are not successful in resolving the complaint or the employee does not feel comfortable with this process, then the formal procedure may commence.


If the informal procedure does not resolve the issue, formal procedures may be implemented. This involves a formal investigation and decision on the actions and outcomes that will be initiated. The issue can be raised formally with:

  • the employees Supervisor/Manager
  • the Human Resources Department
  • Grievance Officer

The appropriate person to raise the complaint with will be the choice of the employee as the issue the matter is about may relate to the person they are required to raise the grievance with (for example it may not be possible to raise the issue with their Supervisor if the grievance relates to the Supervisor).

At all times, Managers and Supervisors must take detailed notes. The Manager/Supervisor may seek advice from the HR team to discuss the most appropriate way to deal with a grievance.

The Manager/Supervisor along with the possible assistance from the HR team may conduct mediation discussions in an attempt to resolve the issue if appropriate.

Where a formal investigation is undertaken the person/s that the grievance is made against should be provided with full details of the allegation against them and should have the opportunity to respond before a resolution is sought. Employees are entitled to have a support person present.

In some instances, the person(s) involved may be stood down on full pay whilst the investigation is undertaken. Investigations should be acted upon and undertaken promptly.

The resolution should be communicated to all parties involved and details kept on file.

All procedures must be followed in accordance with employment equal opportunity/anti-discrimination legislation.

If, for any reason the employee wishes to refer the matter to an external statutory body, FlexiStaff will cease any involvement in the matter and assist with any direction given by a tribunal/commission to resolve the matter.

Failure to comply with this policy may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

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