People are at the heart of every service FlexiStaff provides. We find the right people to join your organisation. We help to keep them safe in your workplace. We reward them with accurate and on time payment. We test and measure how they fit in with your company culture. For FlexiStaff, making people our focus is the obvious thing to do. After all, great people are your biggest asset and we’re proud to offer these services for their benefit, and yours:

  • Temporary, contract and permanent staffing – staffing solutions for hundreds of roles in eight key industries.
  • OHS – helping you meet your legal obligations to provide a safe working environment.
  • Payroll – managing this essential function to provide on time and accurate payment
  • Psychometric Assessment – measuring the suitability of candidates, the effectiveness of your organisation’s teamwork, and your company culture.

FlexiStaff finds the right people for the right roles, and we’re good at it. Our experience and expertise in the field of labour management has given us a profound understanding of what employers require, and what employees can bring to an organisation. Unlike end to end recruitment companies, we have account managers on the road as well as consultants in the office, so there’s no gap between a position coming in and contacting our candidates. We’re meticulous in matching professional skills with job requirements, and just as thorough in evaluating how a candidate’s personal qualities will fit within an organisation. It’s an all-round service with far reaching benefits.

FlexiStaff recognises its legal and moral responsibility to provide a safe working environment, as well as systems of work and competent supervision of all employees. Take a look at our Occupational Safety and Health policy for an example of how serious we are about safety, or check out our OHS service. We’ll partner with your organisation to help you meet your obligations under current Work Health and Safety (WHS) legislation, and create a safe work environment for all employees.
Every organisation understands that payroll is a time-consuming and complex process. FlexiStaff understands this too, so we have the expertise and technology to help you meet all your obligations, pay your staff on time, and save you money. By managing your payroll operation, FlexiStaff will take away the stress of having to manage regular changes in taxation, entitlements, superannuation and leave; this will free up the time you need to concentrate on the core activities you actually enjoy doing.

Want to find out what makes a potential employee tick? Struggling to figure out why your team is not getting the results you expect from them? Need to improve your company culture? Psychometric assessments could be the answer to all these questions and more. FlexiStaff offers psychometric assessments as part of our suite of services; the testing process is carried out by fully qualified professionals, and we’re extremely confident that you can use the results to maximum effect, whether you’re recruiting, building a more effective team, or trying to create a winning company culture.

Just like you, FlexiStaff thinks people are the biggest asset in any organisation. Everything we do is designed to make that asset even more valuable. So, for the right people, and a range of services that will look after them, and take them further, contact FlexiStaff today.

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