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Occupation Health & Safety Services

Breaches in workplace safety have an enormous human and financial cost, as these statistics from Safe Work Australia make clear:

  • 190 work-related fatalities in 2017, including 20 in Western Australia and 36 in Victoria.
  • 106, 260 serious workers’ compensation claims in 2016/2017
  • The cost of work-related injuries and diseases is estimated to be around the 70-billion-dollar mark.

No one can afford to pay this sort of cost, either human or financial. FlexiStaff realises you are well aware of your obligations to create a safe work place for your employees and stop them from becoming a statistic. Risk management is a key part of your responsibilities in this area, and a requirement under Work Health and Safety (WHS) legislation. However, while you are mindful of the need to be compliant with workplace health and safety legislation, meeting your legal obligations is probably a case of “easier said than done” for several reasons, including:

  • Time constraints preventing you from being over the top of every detail
  • Prohibitive costs
  • Lack of knowledge regarding current legislation
  • Unaware of recent changes in legislation and working under outdated regulations

FlexiStaff knows you want to do the right thing, so we have cost-effective and manageable solutions to benefit you, and your employees. FlexiStaff will work with you to ensure your organisation complies with workplace health and safety legislation. We can supplement the work health and safety resources you already have, or provide you with a contractor to oversee your safety programme on a part-time or full-time basis. Adjusting our service to meet your individual requirements is important, so FlexiStaff can develop a customised option which will allow you to work with professionals experienced in safety, occupational health and injury management. For even greater flexibility, these professionals can be available to you for short or long term contracts.

A prime example of our service is our Risk Assessment tool, which determines the client risk profile and dictates how we manage safety at each workplace. To achieve this, our Occupational Health & Safety Manager, working with the support of your Account Manager, will inspect work sites, plant and equipment used by employees. These inspections are performed on a regular basis in accordance with our Occupational Health & safety Management plan.

Every organisation needs to implement a manageable and compliant workplace health and safety plan. Not just for legal reasons, but for peace of mind as well. It’s just as important in a non-industrial setting as an industrial one, and while you may already have a programme in place, it might be totally unsuited to your current situation, or outdated. FlexiStaff will bring your safety programme up to full compliance.

FlexiStaff already works with companies in all sectors, including industrial, construction corporate, mining and Government. We want to work with you too, and bring your safety standards up to an acceptable level. The alternative is to pay a cost one non-one can afford, so for the sake of everyone working for you, contact FlexiStaff today.

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