Payroll Services

FlexiStaff understands that while payroll is an essential function, it is also one that can have an adverse impact on your business should you choose to manage the process yourself:

  • In-house payroll can take you away from the core activities of your business and leave key areas of your organisation under-managed.
  • Payroll confronts you with a complex and ever-changing web of laws and regulations that makes it difficult to deliver accurate and on-time payments to your staff.
  • Inaccurate record-keeping by an outdated payroll system can cost you money through regular overpayments to your employees.

For all these reasons, we strongly recommend you ask us to manage your payroll for you. With FlexiStaff looking after your payroll, you can concentrate on your business, reduce risk, stress and red tape, and ensure your business operates an accurate, compliant, and efficient payment process. FlexiStaff will blend technology and expertise to help you meet all your obligations, pay your staff on time, and save you money. Regular upgrades to our technology help us manage complex changes to everything that affects payroll, so you can rest assured that we’re always on top of things.

You know only too well that payroll is a complicated and multi-faceted function that takes a great deal of time to manage. Factors such as new entitlements, tax, leave and superannuation require considerable attention to detail, yet the daily demands of running a business can mean there’s not enough time to properly manage all of the components associated with payroll. FlexiStaff can handle the most complex payroll operations, and stay on top of changes to laws and regulations that directly affect payroll, particularly in the areas of taxation, entitlements and superannuation. In short, when we take on your payroll, we give you back your time.

Payroll is a non-core function that doesn’t affect sales, yet it can have a profound influence on your bottom line. For example, the difference between hours worked and hours paid for can be substantial, yet this can go unnoticed for many years simply because your current payroll system is not capable of picking up on this imbalance. This can lead to regular overpayments or underpayments, which are costly in both cases. Asking FlexiStaff to take on your payroll operation is an investment in a far more accurate process with far-reaching benefits for you, and your team.

Your out-moded payroll system is costing you money and time, and you can’t afford to lose either commodity. Outsource your payroll operation to FlexiStaff and we’ll provide a solution that handles the most complex requirements with ease, and delivers 100% accuracy and peace of mind. FlexiStaff will save you more than money. We’ll save you time as well, and that time can be spent concentrating on your business. By refocusing on the day to day operation of your business, you’ll oversee a more efficient and, ultimately, profitable organisation. Proof that time really is money.

Talk to a FlexiStaff consultant about payroll today: it’s an essential function of your business and just as essential you get it right. With FlexiStaff managing your payroll, you’ll get it right every single time.

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