Psychometric Assessment

Psychometric Assessment Services

Every organisation has goals and targets, but you’ll struggle to meet yours if your people are not on the same page. Like-minded and motivated employees will help you reach the markers you have set, which is why FlexiStaff offers psychometric assessments. These assessments not only help you evaluate the suitability of job candidates, but they can also assist in the development of existing employees. They’ll provide an accurate measure of team effectiveness, and give you a far better idea of the culture that currently exists within your organisation. Armed with the knowledge our psychometric assessments give you, you can create a more productive environment, filled with people who are on your wavelength and who share your ambition to reach your objectives.

The features of our psychometric assessments include:

  • Done online or in-person
  • Testing available for individuals, teams or organisations
  • Assessments based on your requirements
  • Proven methodology
  • Accurate and dependable results

Our psychometric assessments are carried out by fully qualified professionals. FlexiStaff believes in the authenticity and veracity of the tests as well as the results. The findings of every assessment can be confidently factored into your thinking, whether you’re selecting individuals to join your organisation, formulating strategies for employee development, measuring team effectiveness, or evaluating company culture.

Our individual testing will prove highly enlightening as each candidate progresses through the recruitment process. Behaviours, motivations, and limitations, not always apparent during traditional recruitment practices, are much more evident after psychometric assessments. This allows an employer to get a full picture of a candidate. For the first time, they’ll see not just qualifications but also the candidate’s potential to work with existing employees and fit into the organisation’s culture.

Testing for team effectiveness gives an accurate gauge of a team’s strengths and weaknesses and its ability to reach goals and targets. Psychometric assessments can be carried out when selecting a new team or merging teams, or when you need to resolve conflicts within existing teams. In our experience, psychometric assessments for all teams within an organisation have seen a big improvement in performance and productivity, and we highly recommend this form of testing if your company is hindered by a lack of success in these areas.

Productivity and performance are closely linked to a company’s culture. When some employees swim against the tide, and have mindsets which are at odds with the rest of the team, a company’s culture suffers. Think of company culture as your organisation’s personality; a dysfunctional one could be blocking the path to the objectives you have set. This must be addressed and psychometric assessments can be used to identify individual points of weakness within an organisation’s culture, and areas where improvements can be made. Company culture should never be a random thing; it should be designed and shaped to drive an organisation forward. The psychometric assessments offered by FlexiStaff will help you build a framework for that culture, and this will guide your team towards the objectives that are markers for your success.

Whether you’re recruiting individuals, or struggling to identify why your existing team isn’t reaching goals and targets, get in touch with FlexiStaff. We believe in the effectiveness of psychometric assessments, and we know they could make every difference to your organisation.

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