Temp, Contract & Permanent

Temporary, contract and permanent staffing: ready when you are

At FlexiStaff, we understand every organisation has a long list of staffing requirements. The most obvious requirement is to find people who possess the skills needed to perform a particular role. FlexiStaff has that aspect covered by providing staffing solutions in eight industries, both industrial and non-industrial. With our experience and expertise in human resource management, we ensure that every candidate has the skills that an organisation needs. Personality and attitude are also things we look for, as we believe the perfect candidate should bring more to a role than just professional aptitude.

Staffing requirements are not limited to skills and character. Factors like seasonality, peaks and troughs in demand, restructuring, or company expansion must also be considered. Whatever the reason, FlexiStaff knows how important it is to develop a pool of candidates who are flexible enough to step up when required, be it at short notice, or for the long term. This is why we source and supply suitably qualified candidates who are available to you on a temporary, permanent or contract basis.

Temporary recruitment: When organisations have to manage varying demands for products and services based on seasonal factors, or when gaps in their workforce need to be filled for the short term, temporary recruitment is the ideal solution. FlexiStaff will help you develop a workforce that is ready to start at short notice and can be scaled up or down as required.

Permanent recruitment: Our permanent recruitment service is designed to provide talented people who will be with you for the long term, and play a big part in ensuring the on-going success of your organisation. With so much at stake, it’s important that the assessment and selection process is stringent and comprehensive. FlexiStaff has refined this process over several decades, and we carefully progress through each of the following stages to find people who will be with you for the long haul: job definition, advertising, screening, interviewing, compiling a shortlist, client interviews, assessment, reference checks, negotiation, and induction.

Contract recruitment: Our contract recruitment service helps employers ride the peaks and troughs that are inevitable during the lifespan of any project. Through FlexiStaff, you can connect with specialists who will play a crucial role when you need them, and step aside when their job is done. Our contractors enjoy the flexibility and variety of this working arrangement, and as such we have an ever-expanding database of specialists ready to come on board at short notice.

Finding the talent you need, be it on a temporary, permanent, or contract basis, is a much different proposition than it used to be. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, where organisations are placing greater value on human resources than ever before, the most talented people are being snapped up in record time. Traditional recruitment methods can no longer keep pace with this demand, which is why FlexiStaff should be your first point of contact. Our extensive networking, industry contacts, technology and human resource experts have combined to build a formidable pool of talent. They’re qualified, they’re talented, and they’re ready when you are.

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