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Labour hire services across Western Australia and Victoria.

At FlexiStaff Pty Ltd personalised quality service is paramount. We specialise in comprehensive recruitment solutions, connecting our broad client base with high-calibre personnel to suit their every staffing need.

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FlexiStaff continue to supply high quality candidates to us for positions from labourers, plant operators, hospitality, administration and some professional roles. The recognition of the outstanding candidates by the Supervisors and Coordinators comes by way of appointing many of the candidates as full-time employees after a period of time as a temporary or casual worker with our organisation.

Ben Searcy - Manager Human Resource Development

FlexiStaff continue to provide exceptional service from an administrative perspective, the administration and sales staff are obliging, provide outstanding and efficient service at the drop of a hat and will always go out of there way to ensure they do whatever they can to meet our organisational needs.

Ben Searcy - Manager Human Resource Development

As a HR practitioner I have utilised the services of FlexiStaff for over 20 years at a number of different organisations I have been employed. In our service driven organisation, I need to access staff at any given time of the day or night, essential services such as waste truck drivers, cooks for the aged care and frontline customer service staff are vital for our customers - the community.

Ben Searcy - Manager Human Resource Development

LD TOTAL have enjoyed a strong and reliable relationship with with FlexiStaff over many years.

Throughout this time the FlexiStaff team have continually exceeded our expectations when it comes to service, quality of suitable candidates and reliability.

Steve Roper - General Manager

We’ve come to appreciate their transparent and solution focussed approach, and we’re yet to see a challenge they can’t meet.

It’s for all these reasons FlexiStaff continue to be our company of choice when considering labour hire options in Perth, South West and Melbourne.

Steve Roper - General Manager

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