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Perth Recruitment

Flexistaff are committed to finding you the best labour hire solution by combining big-picture thinking with attention to detail. This ensures you walk away satisfied.

From meticulous interviews and assessments prior to placement, meeting all new employees at the commencement of assignments, to ongoing employee performance monitoring, our drive to build a team of distinguished candidates is unparalleled.

Our main focus is connecting our clients with high-calibre personnel.

We strategise flexible, no-hassle, and sustainable hire solutions for a variety of industry sectors including but not limited to; Industrial, Hospitality, Healthcare, Government, Mining and Corporate.

Flexistaff invests an exceptional amount of time in our staffing process to exceed your expectations and guarantee that every candidate we put forward maintains our high service standard.

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Belmont 08 9479 4781
Rockingham 08 9592 7500