FIFO Recruitment
22 June 2022
Fast FIFO Recruitment

Are you looking for FIFO work in the mining sector? The FIFO recruitment process for mining employment is time-consuming for the employee. Flexistaff however, offers the solution to fast employment for both short-term and long-term contracts. Flexistaff facilitates a large pool of skilled and experienced individuals across all aspects of the Western Australia mining industry, from management, trade assistants, truck drivers, and engineers. If you are seeking FIFO & Mining employment, Flexistaff can place you in a suitable job quickly and safely.

Save Your Time

Are you sick of the months-long turnaround employment for mining employment? No one likes repetitive paperwork and hours of your time before you even get the job. When you work with Flexistaff, you have the flexibility to move around the mining industry and find the right FIFO role for you, without it costing you a heap of time and money. The Flexistaff team will keep a record of all your documentation and liaise with the employer on your behalf. If your experience and skillset meet the job requirements, you will be notified and connected with your new employer for an interview. Employees can be assured they will be well looked after when they are away from home, and employers can be satisfied with the completed job.

Better Employer/Employee Transparency

When employees work long weeks away from home, they want to be assured their employer is doing right by them. Flexistaff gives the employee peace of mind the employer has been checked and validated by the Flexistaff team before the job is advertised. Flexistaff will aid the employee through the recruitment process and is available to answer questions about the role, job expectations, and FIFO entitlements. For the employer, they can be assured that Flexistaff is connecting the company with an employee with suitable experience and skill set for the advertised job.

Schedule For Your Lifestyle

Travel and scheduling is a massive pain point for FIFO mining employees. Searching for a job to suit your life demands e.g., children, and family members can be challenging and extend the painful employment process. Flexistaff provides the solution to your scheduling needs. During the employment process with Flexistaff, you can provide your limitations and employment needs, and Flexistaff will work with you and a potential employer to secure an appropriate arrangement.

Recruitment is Easy

Finding work, and sustaining employment are easy with Flexistaff’s help. We facilitate the placement of qualified mining individuals at very short notice and alleviate the pain points of the recruitment process for both the employee and employer.

The Perth Flexistaff recruitment agency connects people in a range of specialist mining fields. Contact Flexistaff today to discuss your short-term, or long-term contract needs.

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