13 December 2021
Why your work life balance is integral for a healthy and happy life.
A healthy work life balance is an important criteria for any new job. The global pandemic has seen many of us regularly working from home, or picking up overtime to make up for staff shortages. For many people, these changes to our work routines have make it difficult to sustain a healthy balance between work and play.
An unhealthy work life balance may be affecting your personal and professional life in more ways than you realise. Now more than ever, prioritising our health and maintaining a sustainable work schedule should be our top priority. These are some of the ways your work schedule may be affecting your life.

How does a healthy work life balance impact our lives?

Better mental and physical health.
Having a healthy and sustainable work schedule gives you the time you need to focus on your mental and physical health. Working long hours can be both mentally and physically draining. This leads to fatigue, eye strain and brain fog. Long work hours can also limit your available time for exercise and self-care.
It’s important to make time to exercise regularly, eat nutritious meals, rest your mind and spend time relaxing. When you work a job that allows you to have the time to focus on your health, you can expect to see an improvement in your energy levels, fitness and nutrition.
Work more effectively and efficiently
It’s only natural that when you feel rested and revitalised you’re able to give your all at work. A healthy work-life balance can help keep your mind and body energised. Adequate time to rest will ensure you work more efficiently during your work hours. This boosts your productivity, increases the quality of work produced and allows you to get more done in less time.
Improved sleep and sleep schedule.
A healthy sleep schedule is essential to our health. The ability to prioritise rest above getting in a few extra hours of work plays a big role in helping you to maintain a regular sleeping schedule.
Shift work, or work that requires you to be present at unusual times can negatively affect our sacrarium rhythm. A consistent work schedule helps our bodies develop a healthy sleep/wake-up time. This will help you to get better quality sleep, and wake up feeling more rested.
More social time.
Making time for friends and family regularly is vital for our well-being and sense of satisfaction. Your work schedule should allow you to have enough time to socialise outside of work hours. Workplaces that provide team bonding experiences and regular social activities can also add to your sense of wellbeing.
If your working life is taking over your private life, you may want to consider making changes to bring about more balance. You can read our blog on how to improve health and happiness while working for some useful tips.

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