Recruitment Interview Tips
1 November 2022
Interview Tips from a Recruitment Agency

Preparing for your interview is key to success. There is no secret formula, but there are a few things you can do to put yourself in a great position to be considered for the job.

Flexistaff is a recruitment agency with years of experience preparing candidates and running interviews. Read on for our tips on how to prepare, and nail your next job interview.

Know Yourself Well

This sounds self-explanatory but you would be surprised how often we take this for granted. Having a great elevator pitch about yourself can really seal the deal in your interview. Don’t sell yourself short. Come prepared for your interview with a firm grasp of the job description, your career history, strengths and weaknesses, and your transferable skills if you are interviewing for a job outside of the industry you have experience in.

Recruitment agencies offer useful support when prepping for your job interview. Consult a recruiter to ensure you are putting your best foot forward when interviewing for a job.

Do Your Company Research

Interviews are a two-way street. If you expect your interviewer to respect your time, you should do the same by researching the company and showing up prepared. We recommend reading through the company website and knowing enough company history (if available/applicable) before showing up. Additionally, thoroughly read the job description and job advert. These documents include a lot of useful information that will likely come up in the interview. If not – you have some questions to ask!

Common Interview Questions

You will be asked questions in you interview so come prepared for them! It is standard to ask a set of ‘behavioural’ questions to test your preparedness and experience. Flexistaff has compiled a set of questions often asked in an interview:

  1. How have you handled and resolved conflict?
  2. Discuss a time when you worked effectively in a team.
  3. Discuss a time when you effectively worked through a stressful situation.
  4. Discuss a time when you had to problem-solve.

Hot tip! Even if you do not have an example of any of the above scenarios, it’s best to still answer the question in some capacity. For example, if you have never experienced conflict in the workplace be transparent with the interviewer and then answer how you WOULD manage conflict in the workplace if it ever came up.

Ask Questions

Your questions are just as valid as the employers questions. Don’t want to waste your time working for a company that does not align with your values or current circumstances. Use the interview as an opportunity to interview your employer. We’ve compiled a few questions you could ask the interviewer.

  1. Do you provide any employee support programs?
  2. What does a day look like in this role?
  3. What do you like about your top-performing employees?
  4. What are a few short-term, and long-term goals for a person in this role?

Use a Recruitment Agency

Finding suitable roles and nailing the job interview is made easy with the help of a recruitment agency like Flexistaff. Whether you are new to the workforce, or in between short-term assignments Flexistaff can find a role to suit your lifestyle.

Contact Flexistaff Perth today to discuss your employment needs today.

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