Hospitality Recruitment
22 June 2022
Navigating Hospitality Employment During a Pandemic

Working in hospitality, and gig-based work has become increasingly complicated amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Flexistaff supports employees to be placed in a job on very short notice. In turn, employers can be assured they will be able to keep doors open. Flexistaff will facilitate various lengths of employment, support for businesses and individuals impacted by COVID-19, as well as provide links to resources to help employees hit the ground running.

Understanding Your Rights

As a hospitality employee, you are entitled to specific rights under the Fair Work Hospitality Award during the COVID-19 pandemic. With Flexistaff, you will be guaranteed that your employer will adhere to the following Hospitality Award requirements and entitlements during the pandemic period.

Reduced Hours

Employers can reduce permanent employees’ hours to work between 22.8 and 38 hours each week for full-time employees. Full-time or part-time employees may see their hours reduced if the employee can not be usefully employed during normal hours of business due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and or transmission of COVID-19. Notice of reduced hours due to COVID-19 must be put in writing to the employee with reasonable notice, and consultation of the Hospitality Award.

Secondary Employment

Full-time or part-time employees who have been directed to work reduced hours are entitled to seek secondary employment, and or additional training or professional development. Employers are required under Fair Work law to consider and approve reasonable requests. Flexistaff can support employees during this process to secure additional work.

Annual Leave

Employees may be instructed to use their accumulated annual leave due to COVID-19 interruptions. Employers can make the request to an employee if the request is reasonable, in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic, to minimise loss of employment, and if the employee has at least 2 weeks of accumulated leave after taking leave.

Employees can request to take their annual leave at half pay to extend their time off work.

Annual leave changes to the Hospitality Award may not be covered by employees under an enterprise agreement. To understand your rights further, consult Flexistaff to ensure you are entering COVID-19 safe agreement.

Save Time

Catching COVID-19 in the hospitality industry is inconvenient and may put you on the backfoot to secure your next job. With Flexistaff, your next job will be organised for you. All the searching, emails, phone calls, and paperwork is significantly reduced. While COVID-19 can’t be avoided, Flexistaff can remove the time burden and keep you on track with your employment needs.


Are you new to the hospitality industry? Perhaps you need to acquire a certificate to remain employable in the industry. Flexistaff can assist employees to hit the ground running in their next job. Flexistaff has a collection of resources to support employees to receive their hospitality qualifications efficiently.

For more resources, please visit the Useful Resources page on the Flexistaff website.

Hospitality Employment is Easy with Flexistaff

Finding work with very short notice is easy with Flexistaff assistance. Move from job to job, or find long-term employment to suit your lifestyle. Flexistaff supports all working needs and guarantees people who want work, can have work.

The Flexistaff Perth recruitment agency connects the best people in a range of hospitality recruitment fields. Contact Flexistaff today to discuss your short-term, or long-term work needs.

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