Professional Questionnaire

Professional Questionnaire

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Module One: Duty of Care

1. Occupational Safety and Health is the responsibility of ________________ to ensure, so far as practicable, a safe working environment.
2. As an employee of Flexi Staff Pty Ltd you have a duty of care for your __________ and of ________ affected by your actions at work.

Module Two: Fitness for Work

3. Whilst onsite you notice a Flexi Staff employee acting in a manner which could be the effect of drugs or alcohol, you should ____________.
4. Flexi Staff employees have a responsibility to present for work or remain at work in a condition in which they are fit to carry out normal duties.
5. Fatigue has the capability to affect one’s ability to identify hazards.
6. Fatigue can be caused by which of the following:
7. Alcohol diminishes which of the following:
8. When may you be subjected to a drug and alcohol test:

Module Three: Incident Management

9. The Incident Management and Investigation procedure ensures all ________________ , including near hit incidents are managed in a standardised manner.
10. You must _____________ report any _______________ to your Supervisor and your Flexi Staff office
11. When an incident occurs you must immediately _________ the scene/area to prevent further injury or __________.
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