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15 December 2021
Which Areas in the Workforce are Currently in Demand?


Many areas in the healthcare industry have been critically understaffed for a number of years. However, the recent COVID-19 pandemic has drastically increased the demand for workers in just about every sector of the healthcare industry. Nurses are in particularly high demand in Western Australia as the state lost around 2000 nursing staff members In just 7 months in 2021. This caused a drastic hit to the already dwindling number of healthcare workers in Western Australia.


Many Australians may have noticed bare shelves in the supermarkets over the last few weeks. Due to positive COVID tests and isolation regulations, it is estimated that almost half of the transportation workforce are currently away from work. There is now a huge demand for transport workers to fill the gaps left by those who are currently not working.


With many hospitality employees leaving Australia at the start of the pandemic, restaurants, cafes and bistros have faced a staffing shortage ever since. Chief executive of the Restaurant and Catering Industry Association Wes Lambert says, “There are tens of thousands of open positions around the country, ranging from barista to head chef and everything in between.” 

Aged Care

Aged Care, like many other areas in the Healthcare sector, has been chronically understaffed since the beginning of the global COVID-19 pandemic. In 2020 alone the Aged Care Workforce Census reported that almost 30% of their workforce left their employment in 12 months. This left Aged Care with over 10,000 positions needing to be filled.

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