Drug and Alcohol Policy

FLEXISTAFF PTY LTD is committed to ensuring that none of their employees or contractors are permitted to work whilst under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Drug and alcohol abuse compromises the working environment and places everyone at risk.

This commitment is achieved through:

  • Complying with relevant legislative requirements, codes, standards and guidelines;
  • Ensuring that no individual is permitted to enter site or continue working onsite if adversely affected by drugs or alcohol;
  • Clearly defining roles and responsibilities for managing drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace; and
  • Clearly defining management and disciplinary procedures related to drug and alcohol abuse.

The intent of this policy is to assist all individuals to in fulfilling their responsibility of maintaining a safe working environment and to managing the risks with the use or abuse of alcohol and other drugs. This requires a cooperative approach from all parties.

FlexiStaff values its work force and recognises that drug and alcohol dependencies are treatable conditions. Through education, awareness and, if necessary, disciplinary procedures, FlexiStaff will eliminate the risk associated with drugs and alcohol in the workplace.

  • Responsible for the effective implementation of the company Drug and
  • Observe, implement and fulfil its responsibilities under relevant legislation;
  • Provision of information, instruction, training and company procedures for employees related to drug and alcohol abuse; and
  • Complying with company disciplinary procedures.
  • Maintain a safe working environment by ensuring that they are “fit to work” at all times;
  • Report if any drugs or alcohol that they have taken are likely to compromise their ability to work in a safe manner and/or where they consider that in the event they are tested, they would return a positive test result for drugs or alcohol;
  • Maintain a level of personal fitness required to meet the requirements of their position;
  • To report any use of “over the counter” medications or prescribed medications that may inhibit an employee to carry out their duties in a safe manner.

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