Safety is a priority for our business and we work with our clients to ensure that all employees conduct their tasks safely. To meet our joint Duty of Care obligations we deploy these initiatives:

  • Client Safety Inspections our Risk Assessment tool determines the client risk profile and this dictates FlexiStaff Pty Ltd. management of safety at each workplace. Our Occupational Health & Safety Manager with Account Manger support shall inspect worksites, plant and equipment to be used by employees engaged by our clients. These inspections are performed on a regular basis in accordance with our Occupational Health & safety Management plan.
  • Tool Box Meetings FlexiStaff Pty Ltd encourages all of its employees to be actively involved in safety issues and participate in safety or toolbox meetings. If required our Account Manager shall be available to attend these meetings if requested by the client and bring to the table any safety issues on behalf of FlexiStaff Pty Ltd employees.
  • Task Observations Each week our Account Manager contacts employees to discuss their employment with FlexiStaff Pty Ltd. This includes ensuring they are still doing the same tasks as initially employed to do, their PPE is in good condition and to see if the candidate has any safety issues in relation to the tasks, workplace and job satisfaction. Methodology includes prestart Hazard ID, and Account Managers are to conduct periodic Job Task Observations. Records of these discussions are made and reviewed by the OS&H Manager.
    Any issue raised will be discussed with the relevant client approved representative to ensure any risks are managed in accordance with our OS&H Safety Policy.
  • Hazard Reporting It is recognised that some Casual employees are reluctant to raise issues directly with host employer supervisors and team leaders.
    Procedural Documents are accessible for employees from our company website under the Safety Tab and we utilise a 24hr/ 7day week phone call access for employees.We encourage FlexiStaff Pty Ltd employees to report all hazards. The Account Manager or the Occupational Safety and Health Manager shall immediately refer each report to the client’s approved representative for action.
  • Drug & Alcohol Screening FlexiStaff Pty Ltd shall screen all potential placements at the clients request, and will participate in Random testing for “Show Cause” if candidates are suspected to be impaired by Drugs or Alcohol at the Workplace.We offer onsite Drug and Alcohol screening to support clients to ensure the continued safety of all employees at the workplace.

All testing is conducted in accordance with the standards AS/NZS 4308:2008

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